Thursday, February 17, 2011

Going Private

Hello all,

In order to protect our family’s privacy, we decided to go private. Our blog has been moved here. If you have been receiving my blog updates through email, you will still be receiving it.

If you are friends or regular readers that would like to keep in touch and be updated with our daily life, please leave a comment here introducing who you are and link to your blog so I get to know you too.

You can leave your e-mail address here or send me a PM in facebook.

Thank you!


  1. How can i read your blog? I never get email updates and i don´t blog anymore. Males ;)

  2. Hi Monica, just PM me your e-mail address in facebook, I will add you.

  3. hi, mind add me too?

    i replied your query about the DSB, please re-visit the post. do feel free to ask me if you encounter road block along the way. it will be great for me to have another kaki to digiscrap:).

  4. i still can't read ur blog.? Miin

  5. can I too?

  6. Do add me to your blog, would love to follow you too.

  7. Can you add me, wish to read your blog again